The World Depends on Sensors and Controls

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you establishing a Foundation?

Sensata has a long and proud history of supporting the communities in which we operate. For nearly all of our 100-year history, we have been involved with outreach programs that nurture and support education, economic development, civic involvement and diversity. As we enter our second century, we are creating our own Sensata Foundation to more closely support qualifying charitable entities that support our core initiatives. Our goal is to make a greater impact on our world through giving of our time, talent and resources. The vision of our Foundation is to support communities where we live & work and foster a passion about STEM subjects and all that they can make possible in the 21st century.

Why is corporate citizenship important at Sensata?

It’s in our DNA to give back to the communities where we live and work. Since our founding in 1916, we have supported many causes that our employees care about – both through financial donations and employee volunteerism. As we continue to grow, we feel that it’s time to provide more structure and process to this area so we can ensure that it receives the focus it needs – a focus that is representative of the $3B organization that we have become.

Sensata employees have always volunteered for my organization. How can I request volunteers?

Please fill out the Volunteer Request Form. These are reviewed regularly so we can accommodate as many requests as possible.

How can I make a request for Sensata employees to participate in STEM Events?

Please fill out the STEM Request Form. We review these regularly to determine the best matches for your STEM needs.

How can I apply for a grant from the Sensata Technologies Foundation?

The grant process will be posted on our website. You will be asked to complete an eligibility quiz before entering the application process. You must be a qualified IRS designated 501(c)3 organization to be eligible.

The World Depends on Sensors and Controls